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Showup Events



Primary Principal

The first and most important event we promote is the act of showing up. Set yourself a goal  regardless of what that may be, create the plan and begin by taking the steps to achieve it.


 Believe in the process and there will be progress....


Work / Train / Practice = Improve

Showup Invitational

Golf Tournament

The first showup golf invitational was held on September 25th 2021, and we are looking to continue this tournament as a great tradition. The 1 day tournament offers quality competition and a good group of people getting together on the golf course. Prizes, awards, and winners awarded after game play.

Gold Mountain Golf

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Showup Golf 5
Showup Golf 5
Oct 21, 2023, 8:30 AM
Trophy Lake Golf Course
Showup Dunks
Showup Dunks
Aug 26, 2023, 10:00 AM
Gathering of some high flyers and athletes of all types, if you can dunk come on and join in.... if you can throw down, you have a chance to walk home with the grand prize. **The RSVP is for both participants and individuals who just want to showup!**


Basketball Events

Seattle and the PNW need basketball back. We have done leagues before and we want to bring our energy to a community event. This dunk contest gives us a chance to get people together and watch athletes throw down. Join us for this one of a kind event! Follow our IG and RSVP for the details!

Showup Hoop Team

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