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Primary Principal

The first and most important event we promote is the act of showing up. Set yourself a goal  regardless of what that may be, create the plan and begin by taking the steps to achieve it.


 Believe in the process and there will be progress....


Work / Train / Practice = Improve

Showup Men's League


Season 6 is Coming up!

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New 4 Week Season!

The Showup Basketball League is 1 of a kind in the PNW, we host weekly season games of competitive hoop. We are aiming to provide an elite level of professionalism to 'Men's League' Basketball, and plan to branch out in the future.  Each game records stats, highlights, operating shot clock & game clock, and of course professionally refereed.

League Commisioner

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Showup Invitational

Golf Tournament

The first showup golf invitational was held on September 25th 2021, and we are looking to continue this tournament as a great tradition. The 1 day tournament offers quality competition and a good group of people getting together on the golf course. Prizes, awards, and winners awarded after game play.

Sporadic Dates

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Showup Golf
May 27, 11:00 AM
Showup Golf. Join us for the 4th Showup golf event at the Auburn Golf course for our next outing! SHOWUP MEMORIAL GOLF CLASSIC
Showup Season 6.0
Nov 19, 2022, 12:00 PM
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